Financial Expertise

With years of insider carrier and underwriting experience, Solid Benefit Guidance is uniquely skilled at securing the best financial results for clients.

Many of our employees are insiders having spent years at executive level positions at health plans and PBMs.  As a result of our Insiders’ Edge, Solid Benefit Guidance understands how carriers underwrite their products and where their profit margins originate, so our team has an advantage to negotiate the most favorable outcome for your company.

We will evaluate a number of financial cost containment measures designed to lower your costs:

Full Financial Management

Regardless of how an employer is contracted, Solid Benefit Guidance’s detailed financial analysis and management provides important insight into a client’s benefit programs.  Solid Benefit Guidance’s expertise provides a significant advantage when identifying:

  • Claim issues
  • Areas of opportunity for behavior change
  • Ways to lower costs
  • Key financial drivers

Through regular claims analysis and identification of key statistics, we manage an employer’s program as an important company asset.

Self Funding

Budgeting Projections and Analysis
We will provide additional program oversight including continuous budget analysis to ensure claims dollars are being:

  • Spent appropriately and effectively
  • Processed correctly
  • Supported by the most efficient plan design

Monthly Claims Review
Solid Benefit Guidance brings a unique level of expertise to self insured plan sponsors.  When a plan sponsor is of adequate size, has a steady workforce and a tolerance for modest risk—we believe self-funding a benefit program is an ideal solution to be considered.

Self-funding will allow access to detailed claims and financial information allowing us to set monthly claims budgets and claims reserves to maximize cash flow and minimize additional tax exposures with our dedicated staff of underwriters, accountants, and our clinical team.

Detailed Reporting Summary
We will track program performance via a customized financial reporting package and provide a detailed reporting summary.

Unique Cost Containment Strategies
We will evaluate vendors outside traditional carriers to help lower costs.

Health Management

It is our belief that improving and maintaining the health and productivity of your employees is paramount to the long-term success and financial management of your benefit program.

Our health management approach is unique and customized for each client to help accomplish these challenging but very achievable goals of:

  • Improving the health of your employees
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Improving morale

Solid Benefit Guidance’s Roadmap to Wellness is integrated with all of your benefit plan options:

  • We employ a clinical team with years of managed care experience who actively performs regular reviews of clinical claims data to understand:
    • Utilization patterns
    • Specialty medication usage
    • High cost/complex claimants
    • Healthcare needs patterns of your population
  • We coordinate, implement and oversee targeted disease and health management programs working closely with your medical providers or third party resources
  • We continually analyze and evaluate ROI and oversee your company’s clinical investments
  • We provide ongoing member education to maximize the most efficient use of clinical resources
  • We also offer guest speakers such as Peter K, of Peter K Fitness

While supporting a company’s goal of offering the highest quality benefits at the most affordable cost, Telemedicine integrates seamlessly into group medical plans providing easy access and convenience to its members.

It uses best in class technology and telecommunications to:

  • Provide 24/7 access to board certified doctors via phone and online video consultations healthcare
  • Improve the number of members that can maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Reduce healthcare and other costs within a group plan
Pharmacy Analysis

As an Employee Benefits client, you will be able to capitalize on our expertise in the complex and complicated pharmacy marketplace.

With the support of Solid Benefit Guidance’s National Pharmacy Benefits Consulting practice, we are uniquely positioned to identify pharmacy trends within a benefits program and deliver market-leading solutions to improve the overall financial performance and quality of your pharmacy program.

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