Health Care Reform and Compliance Analysis

Our “watch dog” approach to compliance provides clients with specific detailed assessments and analysis in order to identify gaps in compliance and/or implement an action plan to ensure compliance.

By minimizing employers’ risk and delivering expert compliance consultation, the team at Solid Benefit Guidance allows Human Resources departments to feel confident they are protected and compliant while navigating a complex and heavily regulated health and benefits environment.

Our clients value our expertise in the following:
  1. Health Care Reform:  Solid Benefit Guidance’s Health Care Reform diagnostic analytics, client updates, webinars, newsletters, and seminars all support our mission of compliance and enable our clients to consider all elements and impacts of Health Care Reform. 
  2. Employee Benefits Plan Compliance:  Solid Benefit Guidance provides compliance updates as well as support and training for ERISA, HIPPA, COBRA, etc.
  3. 5500 Preparation and Filing: Solid Benefit Guidance’s in house CPAs provide 5500 preparation and electronic filing of employee benefit plans.
  4. HR Compliance Training Programs for Clients Human Resources Teams: Solid Benefit Guidance customizes compliance-training programs for Human Resources teams of all sizes, from detailed benefits compliance overviews to ERISA compliance.
  5. NFP Benefits Partnership: We have a dedicated compliance team with industry attorneys which allows us to proactively address the most challenging and complex compliance concerns. 
  6. Auditing and Reconciliation of all Invoices: Compliance extends to vendor accountability; let Solid Benefit Guidance serve as your vendor “watch dog” to ensure complete compliance.

Visit our HR Support and Technology page to see what other tools and resources Solid Benefit Guidance can provide you and your company.

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