HR Support and Technology

Solid Benefit Guidance can reduce your workload and deliver best in class results by making available additional tools and resources that serve as an extension of your Human Resource team.

Let us support you!  Our team of former Human Resources Executives and Directors aims to understand your role, your organization and support your mission in excellence.

Here is what will be easy for your company to accomplish with Solid Benefit Guidance Insiders’ Edge at the helm:

Easily Stay in Compliance

Our clients can feel confident that we are covering all of these areas and more.

  • Health Care Reform:  Solid Benefit Guidance’s Health Care Reform diagnostic analytics, client updates, webinars, newsletters, and seminars all support our mission of compliance and enable our clients to consider all elements and impacts of Health Care Reform.
  • Employee Benefits Plan Compliance:  Solid Benefit Guidance provides compliance updates as well as support and training for ERISA, HIPPA, COBRA, etc.
  • 5500 Preparation and filing, where required, Solid Benefit Guidance’s in house CPAs provides 5500 preparation and filing of employee benefit plans.  This service is offered at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the client.
  • HR Compliance training programs for clients Human Resources Teams: Solid Benefit Guidance customizes compliance training programs for Human Resources teams of all sizes from detailed benefits compliance overviews to ERISA compliance.
  • NFP Benefits Partnership: We have a dedicated compliance team with industry attorneys that allows us to address the most challenging and complex compliance concerns.
  • Auditing and Reconciliation of all invoices:  Compliance extends to vendor accountability; let Solid Benefit Guidance serve as your vendor “watch dog” to ensure complete compliance.
Utilize State of the Art Technology

Let Solid Benefit Guidance’s benefits administration technology simplify your HR administration process while enhancing your employee engagement and benefit experience. 

Our benefits and HR administration technology platform features:

  • Advanced, state-of-the-art technology platform that seamlessly integrates the complex benefits and HR administration functions of your organization. This web-based application streamlines the entire HR, benefits and payroll process for an employee enrolling in benefits for the first time or for an administrator reconciling multiple invoices from carriers
  • Customized Website designed to address your company’s specific HR and benefit needs.  This interactive website can be accessed by employees and their dependents at their leisure
  • Automated, online benefits enrollment
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Automated carrier/vendor interfaces
  • Consolidated billing/invoicing
  • Employee Leave, COBRA, new employee on-boarding, time-off, employee performance appraisal, and employee skills and education administration
  • Standard and customizable reporting
  • Fulfillment services
  • Call center services and online benefits mailbox
  • 24/7 access, including mobile Employee Communications Center, from forms and policies to current events
Customize your Employee Communications

We provide a communication strategy that fits your workforce that can include:

  • Enrollment Meetings
  • Wellness Campaigns
  • HR Reminders
  • Webinars

We offer customized animated videos to support all benefit initiatives:

Best-in-Class Training Program

Keep up with Compliance through our Best-in-Class Training Program:  Our training curriculum provides both onsite meetings and webinars, as well as opportunities for HR teams to receive Continuing Education credits through the HR Certification Institute.

We provide training in:

  • HR Compliance
  • Benefits
  • Medicare
Additional Supporting Services

Take advantage of Additional Supporting Services that Solid Benefit Guidance provides:

Executive Benefit Planning

Employee Handbooks

New Hire Kits

Benefit Statements

Enrollment Processing
Solid Benefit Guidance ensures the accuracy of eligibility information by performing frequent reconciliations between internal company information and external carrier eligibility files thereby improving the bottom line.

Incorrect carrier eligibility results in claims paid out to members who are no longer eligible which then get charged to the group and negatively affect their financial performance.

Help determine how your company’s benefit plans compare to those of similar organizations.  Solid Benefit Guidance will highlight ways to potentially control costs through the NFP benefits survey-based benchmarking report along with our individualized benchmarking.

This report includes data from some of the most robust sources available, including:

  • Watson Wyatt
  • Hay Group
  • Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Local and industry specific

Keeping a benefits program current and competitive is critical.  A nonexistent or flawed benchmarking process may lead to poor decisions and costly results.

Successful benefits benchmarking will support:

  • An increased awareness about plan performance, including strengths and weaknesses relative to the competition,
  • A greater confidence in developing and managing benefit plans,
  • A greater involvement and motivation of HR staff in effective cost controls,
  • An increased willingness to share solutions to common problems and build consensus about what is needed to accommodate changes,
  • A better understanding of the ‘big picture’ and a broader perspective of the interplay of factors that facilitate the design of a competitive benefits package; and,
  • The identification of the areas where improvements to a benefits package should be considered.

Executive Dashboards



Employee Surveys
With minimal time and effort required by your HR department, learn your employees’ perceptions about:

  • Overall benefits package
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Job Environment
  • Work/life issues
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Prescription drug benefits
  • General concerns

Key Features:

  • Customizable questions and answers
  • Web-based or paper
  • Confidential and anonymous

The results are formulated in full color charts and tables.

Dependent Eligibility Audits
Dependent eligibility review is an effective, employee-centric, proven method for reducing unnecessary and ineligible healthcare spending.

Dependent eligibility audits will:

  • Immediately contribute to the management of healthcare costs and plan compliance in a comprehensive manner that is business oriented and innovative,
  • Ensure that dependents covered by employees are eligible to receive benefits,
  • Produce a measurable reduction in the cost of your company’s health plan and generate an exceptional ROI to your company,
  • Eliminate waste going forward by ensuring that your company’s internal processes and controls are working efficiently; and,
  • Provide guaranteed savings throughout your benefit cost structure including health, prescription drug, dental and vision programs.

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