Tired of The Same Old Medical Spreadsheet Evaluation Every Year?

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Let Solid Benefit Guidance lead you out of the “spreadsheet” game and improve your control of benefit costs.

Is your organization evaluating all available options in the benefits marketplace today?

The Solid Benefit Guidance Marketplace, in its simplest form, is a private, online exchange where employees can shop for the combination of benefits that best fits their individual needs.

As an industry leader in employee benefits consulting, Solid Benefit Guidance is positioned to support your exchange needs across the full spectrum of benefits options, from the “traditional” employer directed plans to the “new” defined contribution / employee-directed plans.

Here’s how your organization can benefit from a Private Exchange:

  • Reduce costs by setting a fixed budget for benefits
  • Streamline administration
  • Promote consumerism
  • Engage your employees in their health care decisions

Solid Benefit Guidance can you help you determine your post healthcare reform plan by assisting you in examining private exchange options and health care strategies.

Learn if a private exchange is the right fit for your organization.

Contact Solid Benefit Guidance today for a complimentary Private Exchange Analysis!

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