The team at Solid Benefit Guidance (SBG) has first-hand knowledge of the PBM business model…this allows us to provide plan sponsors with an unparalleled evaluation of pharmacy costs, performance and trends.

As your hired partner, SBG will actively manage and protect the integrity of your healthcare program by incorporating the following strategies:

Inside Knowledge and Diverse Experience

With hundreds of years of combined experience our inside knowledge and diverse expertise provides the edge to stay on top of your pharmacy spend.

Achieve the Best Results for your Plan

We know where to focus to maximize plan performance and efficiencies, both financially and clinically.

Provide a Thorough Review of your Program

We will validate the PBM service model so that it matches your specific needs by digging in and thoroughly reviewing your program to determine the “real value” behind the benefit.

Find the Best Solutions for your Program

We will do the work to find the best solutions to balance your desired pharmacy benefit goals and objectives.

Ensure that your PBM Delivers What is Promised

SBG will be your “watchdog” and will work to hold your PBM accountable to their contractual commitments.

More reasons to Choose Solid Benefit Guidance:

Our Unique Approach to RFP Management/Contract Negotiations

For plan sponsors, this is what separates us from our competition. By having the insiders’ edge, our RFP process removes any gamesmanship and guarantees the best possible deal with fair, flexible and auditable contractual terms.

We Have a Business Plan PBM Strategy and Value-Added Services

Our approach ensures that you are staying on top of trends and implementing designs and clinical programs that drive real value to your Pharmacy program.  We will accomplish this through regular contact with our team that is driven from a PBM strategy document we develop together.

Our Thought Leaders in Clinical Program Consulting and Oversight Guarantee Savings to Your Company

Our Pharmacist/Clinical experts will partner with your company. Together, we will implement the most effective programs and plan designs to assist members in getting the right drug at the right time for the right price. Our experts will proactively monitor your data and bring creative ideas to help you stay ahead of the curve. This includes managing the pharmacy benefit and the explosive and emerging specialty drug arena.

High Quality Vendor Management, Audit and Oversight

We conduct quarterly reviews of the performance of your plan and provide detailed reports to the organization to show how the PBM is meeting its contractual commitments. Our proactive approach will identify opportunities for cost and clinical management in advance. At SBG, we help manage the vendor relationship to ensure your needs and issues are being met and the vendor is working towards meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Top Notch Financial, Clinical and Service Benchmarking

We have the power and the proven experience to guarantee that you are getting a fair deal when doing a market check or renewing an existing Pharmacy contract. With our extensive database of PBM financial, clinical and service contracts, we know what a competitive Pharmacy contract entails and how to secure it for your company.

Plan Design Modeling & Recommendations that Achieve the Lowest Net Cost

We will help your organization achieve the lowest net cost through clinical support and an in-depth analysis of many complex variables including:

  • Formulary management
  • Step therapy and other clinical programs
  • Optimizing member cost share and generic utilization
  • Specialty drug management

We will Manage, Monitor and Negotiate your Specialty Pharmacy Benefit

With specialty pharmacy projected to become 50% of total pharmacy costs over the next 5 years, it is imperative that plan sponsors have a consultant partner that has a laser focus on these medications and proactively brings solutions to you. Our unparalleled experience and insiders’ edge will provide your organization the added protection they need when it comes to managing the complex world of Specialty Pharmacy.

Our Compliance Department Helps Keep your Pharmacy Plan in Check

Under the new landscape of Healthcare Reform (HCR), SBG recognizes the importance of maintaining a compliant program. We engage a world class Compliance Service that provides bulletins, timely updates and guidance to our clients to ensure their programs are compliant with the latest HCR requirements.

Our Medicare Part D/Employer Group Waiver Program (EGWP) Expertise is Unrivaled in the Industry

With the increasing cost burden of providing retiree coverage, coupled with the constant movement of regulations under Healthcare Reform, relying on experts for guidance in the decision making process is a must. Let SBG help your organization make the right decision for your retirees.

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